Opening an organic, local and bulk shop: become a player in the circular economy by Aurélien Amaz

Committed entrepreneurs, look no further for your next read:Aurélien AMAZ 's book has just been published "Open your own organic, local, bulk shop: become a player in the circular economy !" Aurélien dreamed of having a committed organic, local, bulk shop! He then co-founded the Roots Store in Brussels. He shares, through this book, the story of this inspiring entrepreneurial adventure, rich in lessons for those who want to start their own business.

Do you want to run a project that makes sense? A new economy is emerging and with it a new generation of businesses! This book is both :

✔️ A methodological guide, to accompany you step by step
✔️ A testimonial on the journey, with obstacles to overcome

✔️ A meeting with 15 inspiring and widely recognised actors, via interviews with Gerard BELLET, founder of Jean Bouteille.


What is the purpose of this book?

Aurélien Amaz: "Opening an organic, local, bulk shop meets two major objectives of our society: supporting quality and local food production while generating much less waste!

I share with you the key stages of a project to open a business: integrating a committed incubator, choosing the right partner, drawing up a business plan, finding the right premises and obtaining financing. I also share with you the obstacles I faced and the solutions I found. By reading this book, you will give yourself every chance toopen your shop successfully!

The book is aimed at all French, Belgian and French-speaking people who dream of having their own place, a committed shop. It is also aimed more generally at all those who want to read a book onentrepreneurship AND ecology!

His book is now available in independent bookshops or online.


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Aurélien Amaz has just published his book to guide entrepreneurs in opening their organic shop

Roots Store, a beautiful story for 3 years

Front of Roots Store Brussels
Roots Store offers committed fresh fruit and vegetables
Come and refill your Jean Bouteille with our organic grenadine syrup at Roots
Welcome to the Roots Store in Brussels

Roots Store is a neighbourhood grocery shop in Brussels, offering organic, local and direct products from 60 carefully selected producers. It is also a zero waste "sorting centre" grocery shop. Their team offers products available in bulk and/or returnable, as well as an area dedicated to composting. The shop is a partner of several Brussels organisations (Impulse, Bruxelles Environnement, Village Partenaire, Atrium etc.) which helped it to start up 3 years ago. Roots, as aneighbourhood grocery shop, allows the inhabitants of the neighbourhood to eat healthily. Roots is actively participating in changes, at its own level, for a more sustainable world. Our Jean Bouteille team is delighted to accompany them in their bulk liquid department.

Latest news: the arrival of our organic sauces in bulk!

Adrien Lopes from the Jean Bouteille team came in November to install our Gravity fountains in the shop to offer new products, our 3 organic French sauces: ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

Our bulk dispensersoptimise the flow of these complex and thick products, ensure shelf hygiene and facilitateself-service for consumers.

This will allow the shop's customers to refill their jars over and over again and avoid additional packaging waste on a daily basis!

Thanks to Jean Bouteille's Gravity fountains, Roots Store offers bulk organic sauces

What is the interest of bulk for your organic shop?

Zero waste is becoming a major differentiation criterion for organic shops. BioPanel conducted a survey to better understand the zero waste approach and the expectations of consumers buying in organic shops. The following figures are among those that emerge from the survey:


seek to move towards a zero waste approach for as many products as possible.


automatically look for food and non-food zero waste alternatives in the shops.


find it important to reintroduce the deposit in organic shops.


are keen to reuse their containers or make them themselves.


consider that the cosmetic offer is average or bad and 35% for that of hygiene products!

Moreover, liquid bulk enables us to offer the most complete range of products in the same shop, tocentralise purchases and to meet consumer demand, particularly for oils. Would you like advice on your project? We can talk to you.


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