5 questions to Justine Davasse, eco-responsible activist and founder of the zero movements

Justine Davasse is an eco-responsible activist, lecturer in ecological transition, creator of the podcast " The Zero Movements". In her book, " Le guide des Mouvements Zéro pour un futur enfin désirable ", she wants to give everyone the keys to an eco-responsible approach through several themes: zero waste, plastic reduction, economic and political alternatives, eco-responsible travel, sustainable food... etc. Gérard Bellet, founder of Jean Bouteille, was one of the first people interviewed by Justine. This time, the young author agreed to answer our questions!

1️⃣ Zero Movements késako?

Justine Davasse: It's a term I invented to think of the synergy between all the initiatives in favour of environmental protection and human and animal well-being. For me, zero is the beginning of all things, the starting point of all creativity. I have illustrated this philosophy through 60 podcasts with a wide range of interviews, from zero waste (Bea Johnson), to activism (Greta Thunberg), agriculture (Jean Caplat), slow travel, survivalism, wood-straw construction, sustainable finance, green energy... And in September 2020, the Guide des Mouvements Zéro was published by Tana.


2️⃣ What was your trigger to start the zero waste adventure?

Justine Davasse: When I was living in Finland, I got educated about theimpact of plastic and waste through the publications of Bea Johnson (zerowastehome) and Lauren Singer (trashisfortossers). I also had a girlfriend who started a blog at the time with recipes for homemade deodorant and a DIY worm bin. I was inspired by these women because they made me realise that the behaviour I had been exhibiting up until then was not in line with the image I had of myself (respectful of wildlife). So I made the decision to change. The longest part is the implementation.

The Zero Movement Guide by Justine Davasse

3️⃣ How do you raise awareness of your surroundings?

Justine Davasse: I started with radio shows on Radio Campus Orléans. Then I launched a blog on lesmouvementszero.com. In September 2020, the "Guide des Mouvements Zéro" (Tana édition) came out and in June 2021, a pedagogical binder "Mon Année Scolaire Zéro Déchet" (Édélios editions) was published for Cm1/Cm2 teachers. In addition to writing, what I really like to do is to give conferences!


Discovering the Zero movements

Conference by Justine davasse founder of the zero movements
Justine-Davasse speaker on zero waste
Conference by Justine davasse, eco-responsible activist

4️⃣ What is the place of bulk in your daily life?

Justine Davasse: It's quite simple, I can't imagine consuming otherwise. Even if I occasionally buy chocolate bars or products with a short shelf life in supermarkets. But the basis of my diet is bought in a tote bag (fruit and vegetables),in a pouch (oatmeal, rice), or in a stainless steel box (cheese, butter, cottage cheese, olives). At Jean Bouteille, I have already tested the black soap.


5️⃣ any tips for preparing for the holidays in zero waste mode?

Justine Davasse: You don't buy new decorations! Either we make a biodegradable one (string, pine cone, leaf confetti, spinning branch, icing sugar snow... YouTube tutorials are numerous!), or we buy it second hand! And stop wasting food: try to cook the right amount and make doggy bags for your guests.


Happy holiday season to all! 🎄

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