Growler Jean Bouteille system for zero waste beer

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Bulk distribution in hotels and restaurants

Reuse is king!

Reduce your environmental footprint by reusing bottles
  1. Zero waste is everyone's business and not just reserved for in-store distribution! At Jean Bouteille, we focus on bottle reuse rather than waste management, regardless of the sector.


  1. Thecatering industry also generates a lot of waste, especially disposable packaging from takeaways or the use of single-use glass bottles, which could be avoided. On average, the catering industry generates 270g of packaging waste per meal.

When bulk is the way to go

Good bulk products for shops, also suitable for catering
  1. Bulk sales meet the expectations and growing ecological awareness of consumers who want to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on pleasure!


  1. Bulk distribution is a way to make a small, simple and economical gesture that is good for the planet. This new format of bulk sales also helps to avoid food waste by allowing your customers to choose the right quantity.

Acting for a more responsible consumption

Jean Bouteille: a team committed to responsible consumption and eating well
  1. One thing is certain: it is better to anticipate future regulations regulations and act now for sustainable consumption, by reducing thecollective use of single-use packaging at source.


  1. We support cafés, hotels and restaurants with complete solutions, combining bulk sales and reuse, so that their customers can consume everyday liquids without generating packaging waste, even when they go out!

Bulk service

in your establishment

Are you tired of seeing the bins in your establishment overflowing every day? Do you want your customers to be able to enjoy their food without generating waste and to be able to choose the right quantity they need thanks to bulk food? Make a difference by offering your customers a revolution in the way they consume!


We can help you with the bulk dispensing of liquids used in your establishment on a daily basis. All product universes are possible: whether it is an olive oil dispenser for seasoning dishes, a sparkling drink dispenser or even a hand soap dispenser for your customers, we can accompany you in this project for responsible and sustainable consumption.


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Bulk service solutions for the hospitality industry

Our bulk beer foutains for 

draught beer to go

Our mini-station for bottling beer in growlers

The Mini Station is suitable for bars, brewers, wine shops and restaurants to bottle their draught beer directly

Very easy to install, just put the bottling machine directly on the bar and connect it to the keg. And it's ready to bottle beers and sell them to take away or to set up click & collect via social networks or directly on an e-commerce site.


What are the benefits?

  • Self-installation in 10 minutes for a very quick start of the take-away business
  • Classic maintenance as for your usual beer taps
  • Filling time per bottle less than 60 seconds /L
  • Possibility to change the beer keg in 5 minutes
  • A fleet of reusable and returnable bottles available
  • Customers keep their beer for up to 15 days after bottling
  • A low tech bottling machine, with a very simple mechanism, the guarantee of no technical problems


Discover in video 

The Jean Bouteille mini station: demonstration with Mathieu from our partner bar La Mousse Touch

Our Oublong fountain for a zero waste draught beer

Oublong is a fountain to distribute beer in bulk in a self-service way! It can be installed in bars, restaurants, wine shops or in retail outlets. Consumers can thus enjoy beer in bulk, on draught, from their favourite brewers with friends, family or as a couple, while limiting waste production.
The beer is delivered in a reusable bottle that can be reused for life. And that's how you toast to zero waste!

What are the benefits?

  • A self-service bulk beer dispenser with semi-automatic beer filling
  • Fast filling time: 45sec for 1L without foam
  • Bulk dispensing of 2 beers via a single fountain (no product loss and no mixing)
  • Quick & easy maintenance: 2-5 min daily
  • Can be kept for up to 15 days after bottling
  • Reusable, returnable bottles suitable for take-away sales

Our partnership with Open Bar

Since November 2020, we have chosen to work with Open Bar, the leading network of independent professional installers of pressure draught and other barroom equipment, as a privileged partner in order to distribute this solution. It made sense to work together and we chose them for their expertise in the brewing sector, their professionalism and the quality of their service!

Open Bar, distributor of Jean Bouteille beer coolers