Photos of our bulk oils in their reusable and returnable jean bottles

Our commitments

Our values

Jean Bouteille organic syrups range in partnership with Bigallet

Democratizing bulk and reuse to aim for zero waste

A Jean Bouteille employee advises the partner grocer on her bulk section

Supporting and reinventing distribution

  • Investing in a zero waste supply chain
  • Support the washing of bulk containers and returnable bottles
  • Supporting the retail sector in the integration of the bulk business
Jean Bouteille works hand in hand with Oé for our organic bulk wine range

Working for the territory and supporting organic farming

  • Encourage collaboration with local producers as soon as possible 
  • Supporting stakeholders in their ecological transition

Our actions for an eco-responsible consumption



A catalogue of over 70 committed products

For a zero waste kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, adopt one of our infinitely reusable containers

Our catalogue is made up of 6 universes of sustainable and complementary products, perfectly adapted to self-service bulk distribution, to bring zero waste into every room in the house. We provide you with an optimised ordering site for all your restocking orders. 

Our latest innovations? Bulk sauces and jams


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Making life easier for grocery shops: Webulk, the bulk marketplace

We Bulk the bulk marketplace co-created by Jean Bouteille and Ulteria

As co-founder, Jean Bouteille embarked on the WeBulk adventure with Ultérïa this year in order to facilitate your orders, to offer you a wide choice of organic products in bulk and to advance the whole supply chain on zero-waste themes .

Find the best organic and zero-waste producers on a single site in a single order. 1 multi-producer free shipping at 480€, 1 delivery.

Discover Webulk 

Making re-use possible: 1000 partner shops

Our bulk liquid distribution solution Jean Bouteille at La Voisine in Nantes

At Jean Bouteille, we believe that in order to bring about changes in the consumption of the French, we must be present at every moment of their consumption. "The best waste is the one we don't produce". Bulk sales and reuse allow us to change the way we consume, and this means making them accessible in all distribution channels: supermarkets, bulk stores, organic shops, local shops or even brands! 

Map of our sales outlets

Collection and Recycling
of the BIB bag

Through our Bag in Box Recycling program , we collect BIB from retailers and send them to a recycler. Our goal is to create the first Bag in Box recycling channel

We enable our products to be zero waste not only for the consumer but also for our partner bulk shops.

This initiative was awarded the Natexpo 2021 Gold Trophy in the services category.



Make consumers the drivers of change!

Carole and her family's commitment to an eco-responsible lifestyle

We are convinced that the mobilisation of citizens and the small gestures of each individual can make a difference! Since the beginning, our consumers have helped us to grow.

With our bulk products served in reusable containers, consumers can take action on a daily basis and limit their environmental impact with each refill .

We are also keen to take their needs and expectations into account during our product campaigns by consulting them at all stages of our projects.


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Helping to grow
the zero waste sector

Gérard Bellet, founder of Jean Bouteille, pitches at the ChangeNow 2020 Summit

We do not hesitate to join working groups to develop the ecosystem and draw up the sector's codes. It is with all the players that we will succeed in structuring and developing the bulk sector.

For example, we participated in the work on the DDM launched by Réseau Vrac to adapt the shelf life of organic products in bulk.

Recently, we also launched  our webinars to advise entrepreneurs committed to zero waste in the framework of the Tous au Vrac call for projects.


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Our awards and prizes

Trophée du vrac 2022, Catégorie Services et équipements
Jean Bouteille is one of the 5 winners of Carrefour's Bulk Innovation Challenge
Natexpo gold trophy for organic innovation 2021
Jean Bouteille awarded bronze medal in EcoVadis assessment "in January 2021
European Business Award for the Environment for Jean Bouteille in 2018- 2019 in Vienna
Jean Bouteille ESUS zero waste company
Jean Bouteille won the Entreprises et Environnement award in 2017
Jean Bouteille awarded the ECR trophy in 2017
Jean Bouteille awarded at the major solidarity finance awards
Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Jean Bouteille receives the award for social commitment in September 2015 for the northern region
Trophées de l'Economie Responsable: Jean Bouteille nominated in the 2015 edition in the small business category.
Jean Bouteille received the LMI Innovation Trophy in March 2015.
Jean Bouteille is selected among 13 projects in August 2015 and wins the circular economy trophy
Recognition for Jean Bouteille in 2014, with the Business and Environment Award
Jean Bouteille winner of the eco-design competition [avniR]
Jean Bouteille won the Circular Economy Trophy in the "Jury's Favourite" category in August 2014.

Jean Bouteille remporte le Trophée du Vrac dans la catégorie services et équipements, lors du Salon du Vrac 2022. Notre fût 200L a été mis à l’honneur avec cette récompense. C’est une très belle reconnaissance de nos efforts pour innover et accompagner dans la démarche zéro déchet.  Avec un fût consignable et un habillage réutilisable, nous maximisons le réemploi et apportons une réponse pour les produits à forte rotation.

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Jean Bouteille was selected as one of the 5 winners of the Bulk innovation challenge launched by Carrefour, where 110 projects were submitted. The solutions had to contribute to removing the irritants identified for bulk. We were rewarded for our new scale path optimised for mass distribution. It will be tested in real life in the shops of the company!


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Jean Bouteille is officially the 2021 Gold Trophy winner in the "service equipment for shops and brands" category at Natexpo. The International Trade Fair for Organic Products welcomes the initiative to organise the collection and recycling of our "Bags In Box". The aim? To collect the last waste from our partner shops.


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Awarded bronze medal in the EcoVadis assessment in January 2021, it is a provider of CSR RATING, analytics and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.


Thanks to their analysis and rating tools TOOLS, we will be able to continuously improve our sustainable practices throughout our value chain. We have received our first results and we have been awarded a bronze medal: this will give us the keys to perfect our practices and go even further in our our approach!

European Business Award for the Environment 2018-2019, in Vienna. The award is presented annually to European companies that successfully combine innovation, competitiveness and outstanding environmental performance .

We were nominated in the category Management: Micro & Small Enterprises.


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Our impact has been recognised as socially useful by the ESUS approval accreditation since 2018. This means that we work on 4 main points:

  • Pursuit of social utility 
  • A viable business model to ensure the sustainability of the company and as a means to a social end, not an end in itself
  • Democratic governance
  • Limited profitability, profit for the benefit of the company's development



Obtained in 2017 by Jean Bouteille, the Entreprises et  Environnement awards are awarded during the national competition organised each year by the Ministry of theEnvironment and Ademe.The prizes are awarded to exemplary companies of all sizes that contribute to the environment. They are awarded to exemplary companies of all sizes that contribute the green economy, the circular economy and the low-carbon economy, at the heart of the Climate Plan.


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Since 2011, the ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Awards have been recognising innovative collaborative processes across the value chain. These must provide an effective response to consumer demands. The solutions must be innovative in terms of technology but also in terms of society.

We have been selected in the CSR award category for our "unique liquid bulk solution on the shelf".


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The major solidarity finance awards are organised by Le Monde and Finansol. The latter aim to reward entrepreneurs who put people at the heart of the economy.


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Lhe Entrepreneur of the Year Award, organised by EY and L'Express, rewards each year entrepreneurs, champions of the entrepreneurial spirit, both at national and regional level. We received the prize forsocietal commitment in September 2015 for the northern region.


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Réseau Alliances is the first regional network of economic actors committed to an economy more responsible economy. Since 1994, the network has been rewarding and highlighting d’committed companies through a major event: the Responsible Economy Trophies. We were nominated for the 2015 edition in the small business category.


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LMI Innovation, accompanies and finances business creators innovative innovative companies in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. We have received The LMI Innovation Trophy in March 2015.


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Jean Bouteille was selected from 13 projects in August 2015 to win the circular economy as part of the urban metabolism improvement project. The aim of these projects is to reduce carbon footprint footprint of the city through the implementation ofgreen activities.


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Consecration for Jean Bouteille in 2014, with the Business and Environment Award for our approach to thecircular economy to reduce the use of resources in economically viable conditions.


Second recognition for Jean Bouteille, as a winner in December 2014 with the Competition forco-design competition [competition rewarding eco-design eco-design in companies.s.


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We won our first award in August 2014 with thecircular economy in the jury's favourite category. This award highlights our initiative, consistency, environmental impact and innovative approach in the field of the circular economy.


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