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Our manifesto

Together, let's make reuse a habit for a zero waste planet!

At Jean Bouteille, our ambition is to work with each actor in the zero waste transition, from distribution to consumption. For the past 7 years, we have been working with points of sale to enable every citizen to make reuse and good eating a part of their daily lives, in order to consume all types of liquids without generating waste.

How do you do this? By combining bulk sales of liquids with reusable and returnable bottles. The consumer adopts a Jean Bouteille, fills it with the liquid of his choice and reuses it to fight against the single use container.

Our story


Gérard Bellet, CEO of Jean Bouteille, created his company to allow everyone to consume their liquids without generating waste
Mar 2014

Birth of Jean Bouteille

Its creator is French, his name is: Jean Bouteille (actually Gérard Bellet). Gérard wanted to launch his bulk store. But not finding solutions for liquids and facing the dark observation of the overflow of waste represented by single-use bottles, the idea was born! The crusade towards a world of zero waste started in 2014, in order to conquer the shelves of pre-packaged products and take their place.

Biocoop Saveurs et Saisons in Villeneuve d'Ascq is the first Jean Bouteille partner shop
Jul 2014

Our first points of sale in Lille

Gérard and his band of incorrigible optimists then installed their first bulk liquid fountain (oil, vinegar and wine in bulk) and took care of the cleaning of the returnable bottles at Biocoop Saveurs et saisons in Villeneuve d'Ascq(59). Then, other historical partners quickly followed:
👉BBG Market / Almata, an independent organic grocery shop located in Brussels / Harmonie Nature, a Biomonde cooperative in Lille

The result? 4109 glass bottles were cleaned at Biocoop Saveurs et Saisons, a test shop, during 9 months. This is equivalent to 2470Kg of waste avoided for the community, or the equivalent of the total amount of waste of 6 households in 1 year.

1st Jean Bouteille fundraising campaign on KissKissBank
Oct 2014

First Fundraising Campaign

Launch of our first fundraising campaign on the "KissKissBankBank" platform to raise funds for a washer at the ESAT in Lille.
To discover the campaign .

Jean Bouteille supports Biocoop for its bulk liquid sections
Jul 2016

Start of our partnership with Biocoop

Launch of our concept in several Biocoop stores in France in order to create their first bulk liquid department.

Jean Bouteille founding member of Réseau Vrac
Oct 2016

Founding member of Réseau vrac

Actor alongside Célia Rennesson, Laura Caniot, Johanna Le Mau, Sébastien Leflond, Didier Onraita and Ludvina Sanchez for the creation of the interprofessional association with the objective of democratising bulk in order to offer sustainable and responsible consumption.
Discover the whole history of Réseau Vrac

Zero waste in the bathroom and laundry room with Jean Bouteille
Jul 2017

Expansion of the product range

By tackling every little gesture of daily life, Jean Bouteille is now present in every room of the house with products for the laundry room and the bathroom !

Jean Bouteille accompanies Franprix for its bulk liquid sections
Jul 2017

Second equipment campaign in supermarkets - Franprix campaign

More than 80 Franprix trust us to offer alternatives to single-use pre-packaged products with an offer centered on 4 organic products in bulk: olive oil, balsamic vinegar and good wines in bulk.

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New visual identity for Jean Bouteille
Jul 2018

Jean Bouteille gets a makeover

Jean Bouteille is growing, we are expanding our brand image with the redesign of our visual identity!

2nd Jean Bouteille fundraising campaign on KissKissBank
Feb 2019

Second fundraising campaign for a Zero Waste Beer

Launch of our second fundraising campaign to raise money for the creation of our bulk draught beer coolers, Oublong.
Discover the campaign

New Natureo concept with an expanded bulk liquid denim bottle section
Jun 2019

A bulk dispensing solution for all liquids

Development of a new Gravity bulk dispenser, which now allows all consumers to benefit from all their liquids in bulk, from the most liquid to the most pasty! This is a real breakthrough for the industry.

Destocking operation thanks to Jean Bouteille growlers
May 2020

Launch of the Sauvons la bière movement

The goal? To avoid the waste of millions of litres of beer during the crisis by setting up a mini bottling station to allow bars and brewers to sell beer to take away.

We Bulk the bulk marketplace co-created by Jean Bouteille and Ulteria
Sep 2020

Co-creation of Webulk, the bulk marketplace

Jean Bouteille and  Ulteria created  WeBulk to make life easier for bulk stores and to bring together committed producers on a single platform.

Major brands and bulk sales: support from Bulk For Brands, a service of Jean Bouteille
Sep 2020

Creation of our Business Unit Bulk for brands

Creation of this new entity, in order to enable brands to distribute their products in bulk.

Start collecting Bags in Box to find a solution for the last retailer waste
Oct 2020

Start collecting Bags in Box to find a solution for the last retailer waste

To act on the retailer's waste and thus create a virtuous loop, we are creating the BIB collection channel in order to offer them a second life by transforming them into components for our fountains, in the logic of the circular economy.

Jean Bouteille's bulk liquid section at Boco & Co bulk grocery shop in Mouveaux
Oct 2020

Creation of the easy fountain for bulk stores

In order to facilitate the service of  low-viscosity products we are developing a self-service bulk liquid dispenser that is very easy to use and more efficient than a shelf-mounted BIB , which is accessible to all by self-installation and available for rental.

Jean Bouteille team photo at the Port Fluvial de Lille
Dec 2020

A nice bunch of incorrigible optimists

12 new hires have punctuated the year at Jean Bouteille despite the context! New, highly motivated recruits who will participate in the many projects of 2021. The team now includes 36 members committed to zero waste!


3 loose sauces are placed on the counter with a plate of raw vegetables and next to it other side dishes
Jan 2021

Arrival of sauces and jams in bulk

Bulk is quite a challenge, but it didn't scare Jean Bouteille. At the beginning of the year and presents bulk in all its forms: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and jams are now part of the catalogue for ever more zero waste alternatives. The goal? To save more than 100,000 jars from the bin !

Relaunch of the Sauvons la bière Lille movement
Feb 2021

Relaunch of the Sauvons la bière Lille movement

The result is that more than 10 bars in Lille are involved in the operation, thousands of kegs with expired DDM are saved and consumers are happy to take a bit of their bar home.
Discover the operation here

New Jean Bouteille glass bottles to maximise container reuse REUSE OF BATHROOM CONTAINERS
May 2021

Glass bottles to increase reuse of bathroom containers

We have worked on our 500ml bottles to offer you more alternatives to plastic and to maximise the re-use of our bulk containers.

Jean Bouteille assisted the brand Le Petit Marseillais in the creation of their distribution solution.
Sep 2021

Our Bulk for Brands service celebrates its first birthday

Bulk for Brands, which guides brands in their move towards bulk, is celebrating its first year. After a year of hard work, the projects are deployed in France and internationally. Among the pioneering brands we have guided: L'Occitane en Provence, Mustela, Ecover, Le Peigne vert and Le Petit Marseillais.

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Super U has chosen Jean Bouteille's EASY grouped fountains for its bulk liquid food section.
Oct 2021

Launch of the grouped EASY innovation

Our innovation department is developing a new arrangement for our low-tech fountains called grouped EASY. The fountains are grouped together and fitted into a wooden structure by 3 or 6. This arrangement has the advantage of optimising the number of product references offered per linear meter. From an ecological point of view, it also reduces the amount of materials needed for its creation, making the solution more affordable as well!

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The decontaminated glass bottles are washed by our partner Uzaje and put back into the circuit
Nov 2021

New partnership with Uzaje, a player in the industrial cleaning of packagings

For the washing of our bottles, we have decided to team up with Uzaje again! We offer the deposit service for our partner outlets in the North region and encourage other regions to choose a local player in order to keep a green footprint.

Behind the scenes of the washing process

Jean Bouteille is one of the 5 winners of Carrefour's Bulk Innovation Challenge
Jan 2022

Jean Bouteille winner of the bulk innovation challenge

We were selected as one of the 5 winners of the Bulk innovation challenge launched by Carrefour, out of 110 proposed projects. The challenge was to propose solutions to remove the irritants identified for bulk. We were rewarded for our new customer path with a scale optimised for supermarkets. Full-scale tests to come!

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The mark of changes in practices
for consumers

"It is through awareness and small concrete actions that the consumer becomes the actor of his own change. of their own change" Gérard Bellet, founder of Jean Bouteille

It's simple, concrete and even if it requires us to change our habits a little, the ecological satisfaction is much greater! As a Zero Waste Incentive, we guide and encourage every consumer to take action, thanks to the bulk and reusable bottle.

It is this conviction that has always led us to place the citizen as the driving force in our development choices. It is thanks to the  consumers who follow us that we have been able to grow, to meet their expectations and to make ourselves known to as many people as possible.



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