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Our solutions guarantee fast, efficient & anti-waste self-service bulk distribution as well as impeccable hygiene and traceability. Our fountains will facilitate the service of our products whatever their nature (food, non-food) or their viscosity (fluid, fizzy or pasty). They can be adapted to your shop layout, available shelf space and your budget. Discover below an overview of the latest solutions developed by our design office.


Jean Bouteille liquid bulk section in the BBG organic shop near Lille

Gravity, the ideal solution for your high viscosity bulk products!


What is special about this fountain?

  • The compressed air in the fountain allows for a regular and constant flow even on the most complex products (sauces, jams... etc).
  • The compressed air applies pressure on the bag in the box.The pressure is adjustable and homogeneous without weakening the bag.


The little extra: 

  • The fountains can be directly integrated in the shelf or via our store display shelvings. 
  • The bulk service for the consumer and the management of the dispensers for the operators are convenient thanks to its tactile interface. You benefit from traceability with key information on each product thanks to the automatic printing of labels.
  • A Bag In Box that empties at 99%+ to avoid waste
  • Zero piping = easy cleaning and maintenance


Coming soon: 

  • Gravity Temperature Holders for dispensing very thick bulk products such as : the spreads
  • Fresh Gravity for the dairy products

La solucion EASY

Martin, manager of the Boite à Bio, presents his Jean Bouteille bulk liquid department

Easy, the simple low tech solution for your easy flowing bulk products!


What is special about this fountain?

  • Low tech, easy to use and self-install, it allows the fast and complete draining of a bag without electricity.
  • The slope becomes steeper as the pouch is emptied to improve performance at the end of the pouch.


The little extra: 

  • Fountain compatible with all pouchs 10L (square or slim format)
  • The fountains can be directly integrated in the shelf or via our store display shelvings.
  • You can install your bulk liquid dispenser on your own. We will guide you through the video.
  • Zero piping = easy cleaning and maintenance


The latest addition: 

  • EASYs grouped by 3 or 6 for an optimised layout per linear meter, a reduction in costs through innovation and an ecological reduction in the amount of materials required.


The Mini-station, the solution for a quality draught beer to go zero waste!


With the mini station, bottle your local brewers' draught beer directly !


What is special about this fountain?

Simple Our beer cooler is easy to use and maintain and allows you to sell beer to go in your shop

If you wish, you can serve your beers in our reusable and returnable Jean Bouteille growlers. 

The little extra: 

  • Bulk beer is best enjoyed within 72 hours and can be stored for up to 15 days.
  • You can regularly offer new beers to your customers from local and craft breweries.
  • The possibility for your customers to toast without generating waste, at cheers time thanks to the returnable drums and reusable bottles!

A complete zero waste offer

We guide you through the process of setting up an efficient bulk department in your store:


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