Row of Jean Bouteille containers for zero waste consumption

Towards zero waste

Towards a world without waste and in better health!

Why throw away thousands of bottles when they have only been used once? Jean Bouteille eliminates single-use packaging in every room of the house. The consumer buys only the essentials, thanks to bulk dispensers to facilitate the service of its liquids, associated with reusable containers. There are now more than 1000 partner outlets and thousands of consumers who trust us. We work with you in your bulk liquid project from A to Z!

The team of the Biomonde Sème organic shop in Arès presents their new Jean Bouteille liquid bulk section for the kitchen

Biomonde Sème in Arès

Intermarché Rostrenen now offers a Jean Bouteille liquid bulk section for its customers

Intermarché Rostrenen

A consumer helps herself to the bulk wine fountain at Klindershop

Klindershop - Belgium

Row of Jean Refillable and returnable glass bottles
Sophie, manager of Mademoiselle Vrac Bruz, stands in front of her Jean Bouteille bulk liquid department

Sophie - Mademoiselle Vrac Bruz

Jean Bouteille liquid bulk department for cooking and hygiene at SUPER U Tourette

Super U Tourette

Jean Bouteille accompanies Biocoop les temps bio Vitrolles for its bulk liquid section

Biocoop Les Temps bio Vitrolles

The bulk grocery shop L'écho des bocaux Saumur works with Jean Bouteille for its liquid bulk department

The Echos of the jars Saumur

Our objectives in the service of bulk and reuse



Bulk liquid dispensers adapted to your needs

Guillaume, member of the Jean Bouteille team, assembles our bulk dispensers in the Atelier du Port de Lille.

All our fountains are designed by us and assembled in our workshop in Lille. Our wood is PEFC certified, it comes from sustainable wood management.We are working to develop and improve our bulk dispensers on a daily basis in order to provide the best possible experience for consumers and easier management for your operators.



Facilitate the management of your bulk department

A Jean Bouteille employee advises the partner grocer on her bulk section

We provide our customers with a maximum of services to make your daily life easier. You benefit from a dedicated contact person in your area to assist you with your entire bulk project & problems.




Good products suitable for bulk

3 loose sauces are placed on the counter with a plate of raw vegetables and next to it other side dishes

Our aim is to develop as many bulk products as possible to make it the new consumption standard. We select our producers according to strict specifications, with total transparency on their ingredients and manufacturing methods.



Reuse and/or deposit

Row of Jean Glass bottles, containers suitable for bulk

The consumer adopts a Jean Bouteille and reuses it to fight against single-use bottles . Our glass containers are returnable at the points of sale that allow it. In France, we collect them wash them to reintroduce them into our partner shops.



Our partner distribution networks

organic shops

Biocoop's bulk oil and vinegar department

We work with many organic shops, several brands trust us such as Biocoop, Naturalia, Färm, BBG, Biomonde, or Naturéo and L'eau Vive. In fact, it is in a Biocoop that our story began. We promote co-branding of the merchandising for the bulk sections of organic shops.



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Bulk stores

The Caseus organic and bulk grocery shop in Lyon offers a Jean Bouteille liquid bulk section for cleaning products

We also work in close collaboration with the already opened or soon to opened bulk shops. Part of our offer is dedicated to them. We select for our partners sustainable producers. We regularly ask our partner bulk shops to improve our offer and take into account their daily challenges .


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New Natureo concept with an expanded bulk liquid denim bottle section

Our goal is to be present everywhere so that everyone can reduce their waste on a daily basis. In Retail consumers can also discover and enjoy this new way of consuming better, by switching to bulk for the first time. For supermarkets, we offer a dedicated catalogue of bulk products to meet customer expectations. We have optimised our bulk distributors to facilitate self-service.


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