Summer barbecue operation: Bulk in every sauce!

The sun is here (or almost), it's the season of holidays, of meals with family or friends, the time of grilling, of endless discussions and of delicious smells emanating from lively meals with our loved ones! For a zero-waste summer season and successful barbecues, we are proposing to our partner shops a special offer on the purchase of our three delicious organic bulk sauces made in France. Offering zero-waste sauces in our Jean Bouteille catalogue is a real source of pride for our team and it was no easy task! We tell you about our adventures up to the launch of this new family of bulk products...

Spice up all your summer barbecues with our organic bulk sauces

After a year of hard work...

Our team had set itself a new challenge: to save 100,000 jars from the bin! The jars in question? The containers of various jams and sauces of everyday life: ketchup, mustard... etc. Consumers had difficulty finding this type of product in bulk today. There was a real demand on their part, as consumers want to see the range of bulk products extended to as many everyday products as possible.

However, these products represented a real challenge for bulk! The thick texture of the sauces and jams made them difficult to sell. They were previously offered either in individual formats by supermarkets or in large buckets in specialist shops (buckets were still very rare). After a year of R&D and hard work, our teams succeeded at the beginning of the year in enabling the efficient and secure distribution of two new product families: sauces and jams

We have thus embarked on the zero waste adventure with two organic, artisanal and French producers. For the service of these products, ourur teams have worked hard to ensure that our fountains provide fast, efficient and safe distribution of these products and avoid any waste.

Let's not beat about the bush: here is our range of sauces!

This is how we were able to launch our tasty range of organic sauces made in France:

  • Our organicketchup is made from organically grown tomatoes and a blend of spices. It takes 1.69kg of fresh tomatoes to make 1kg of this ketchup! Ideal to accompany your best dishes such as chips or meat...
  • Our organic Dijon mustard is prepared according to the original method, exclusively from brown seeds, called Brassica Juncea. Unlike traditional mustards made with spirit vinegar, this Dijon mustard is made with cider vinegar, which adds a touch of sweetness.
  • Our organic mayonnaise is made from Dijon mustard with French cider vinegar. Thanks to its creamy texture, it goes perfectly with all raw vegetables, meat or fish and shellfish dishes.

All about our sauces

Bulk ketchup, Bulk mustard, Bulk mayonnaise

Service made easy with our distribution solution

Our fountains are essential for the safe and efficient distribution of our bulk sauces. Watch a video demonstration!

The first partner shops that trusted us and followed us from the start testify:

"Customers are delighted to be able to find these products in bulk at the grocery shop. How fast the sauces are served!" Mont Vrac grocery store in Voiron

"Thanks to Jean Bouteille, we still continue to offer you liquid or pasty bulk products... And this is where they have been innovative and we have followed them in this adventure with the sauce dispensers." Les Bocaux d'Ana in Brest

Our special barbecue offer for a successful zero waste summer!

To celebrate the barbecue season, we are offering our partner shops from the 1st to the 31st of August a discount* of

👉-5% on our Organic Mayonnaise and Organic Mustard

👉-10% on our organic Ketchup with short DDM** (September 2021)

One more argument to spice up meals during the holidays and avoid food waste! The offer is available on our ordering site and on WeBulk.


Take advantage of the offer!

A range of three organic sauces in bulk from Jean Bouteille to spice up summer barbecues

We are working on extending our bulk DDM for our sauces!

To begin with, what is a MDD?
"This is the indicative date after which the product may lose taste or nutritional quality but does not present any health risk."
There are 3 levels: the DDM BIB closed, the DDM BIB open, and the DDM after service in our containers.
Making progress in the bulk sector, particularly in terms of quality standards, is a daily challenge for our teams! Following feedback from our partner shops on the time needed to sell the products, we have already succeeded in extending the open BIB shelf life by an additional month for our sauces. To achieve this, we carry out sustainability tests and are in constant dialogue with our partner producers. We are still working on the subject to enable the sale of these products with even greater peace of mind!
Bulk storage times explained by Jean Bouteille

The integration of a Bulk Network Working Group on shelf life

Jean Bouteille is also participating this year in the new Bulk Network Working Group on the Secondary Shelf Life of bulk products identified as sensitive. This group aims to enable bulk distributors to justify the microbiological shelf life of bulk products delivered to the final consumer. 

A first meeting has already taken place. Together with the other member suppliers and distributors, we are carrying out ageing tests on a selection of bulk products identified as sensitive, after opening the original packaging. The storage and decanting stages of the products, as well as the maintenance of sales equipment, are analysed. For this purpose a standardised protocol must be established for each product family.

Thanks to the work of our quality team, Jean Bouteille is in charge of testing oils and sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup). This is a great step forward for the sector, which will enable us to gain recognition and toprovide an even better framework for our sector .


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Jean Bouteille conducts durability tests in order to extend the bulk MDDs

Going beyond the limits of bulk? It's not over yet!

Our teams are already working on the next challenges! We will finish with a little secret: we are currently working on our future spread and on the possibility of offering fresh products in bulk. Keep an eye on our networks and in the bulk aisles: To be continued!