Assessment of the Tous au Vrac call for projects & announcement of the three lucky winners!

The Tous au Vrac 2021 call for projects launched by MiiMOSA has been successfully concluded! The results are even more encouraging than last year. Alongside Réseau Vrac, We Bulk, Vracoop and J'aime mes dents, we are proud to have been able to be partners again in this second edition in order to encourage all these entrepreneurs committed to zero waste . What a pleasure to follow and support all these beautiful projects, all turned towards sustainable consumption! From June to November, there were no less than :

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The 2021 podium

Laetitia launches her mobile grocery shop in Normandy: She leaves in bulk following her campaign on MiiMOSA

No. 1 She's leaving in a lump - a blow from ❤️

Laëtitia recently moved to Normandy with her family. This new adventure - and the arrival of the Covid - pushed her to start a professional reconversion: the opening of a bulk food truck. Since September, Laëtitia has been offering bulk food, hygiene and cleaning products on the markets of Calvados. She has launched her collection to finishfitting out and flocking her truck.

In total: €1,920 raised /46 contributors

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Sophie opened the bio'nheur grocery shop in Marmande following her financing campaign on MiiMOSA

N°2 The BIO'nheur grocery shop

Sophie recently opened L'épicerie du BIO'nheur, her bulk grocery shop in the centre of Marmande, after more than 20 years in the agricultural sector. An entrepreneur by nature, she was first a cattle and goat farmer and then an organic market gardener, before embarking on a new project. She launched her collection to finance the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the grocery shop.

In total: €2,885 raised /20 contributors

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Juliette and Pierre decided to create their business in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie following their crowdfunding campaign on MiiMOSA


At the age of 23, Juliette and Pierre decided to create their own business in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie: a bulk, organic and local grocery shop. It is the first grocery shop of this type to be opened in the town and Juliette and Pierre are keen to offer the inhabitants an alternative way of consuming food, cosmetics and hygiene products. The fundraising helped them to finance the equipment for the future shop.

In total: €5,450 raised / 79 contributors

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🎁 The prize for the winning projects

The selection criteria were the presentation of the project, the impact of the project on its territory, the capacity to federate a community, the need for financing, as well as the innovative dimension of the project . Here are the surprises reserved by the partners:

●WeBulk: 6 x €50 to be used on any order of €1,000 or more, equivalent to €300, and 9 x €50 for the favourite project, equivalent to €450.
Jean Bouteille: a financial prize of 200€ / 1 BIB of product worth 30€ to be selected on the website, 1 box of bottles or jars offered, 1 box of reusable samples to discover our products (worth 40€) / 1 year's subscription to our "BIB recycling" offer

Vracoop: 1 batch of silos per winner

I love my teeth: 1 set of products (brushes, toothpaste, soap dishes, sets of interchangeable brushes and heads...).
Applymage: ○ 1 modular counter to be modulated ad infinitum / 1 trolley for the favourite project
: 6 bottles of wine
Savons Arthur: 1 solid soap, 1 solid shampoo, 1 stain remover and 1 bag of soap shavings
Little pots: 1 batch each of 100 glass containers to choose from the Baluchon, Franquette or Muscadin ranges.
Biscuiterie de l'oie gourmande: 5 boxes of biscuits


New this year: partner webinars!

In order to better guide project leaders in their problems, the partners of the operation have proposed a series of webinars according to their business expertise.

We were live last week to discuss the following issue "Liquid Bulk: How to optimize your customer journey?"

Priscillia Soudani, sales force manager at Jean Bouteille, and Noemie Hernot, co-founder of Mademoiselle Vrac, shared their experience and gave many tips to guide participants in their choices for their bulk liquid departments.

Thank you to the 50 participants for your enthusiasm, your questions and the exciting exchange we had together!


Receive the link to the webinar

Jean Bouteille and Mademoiselle Vrac offered a webinar to project leaders on the following topic

Want to get started?

Finally, a big congratulations to all participants! If you missed the call for projects and if you are motivated to undertake your own project, it is still possible to launch a campaign on MiiMOSA or to wait for the next edition in May. Our Jean Bouteille advisors remain in any case available all year long to exchange and help you on the bulk liquid issues. 😊


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Alongside Réseau Vrac, We Bulk, Vracoop and J'aime mes dents, we are proud to have been able to partner again in this second edition to encourage all these entrepreneurs committed to zero waste.