Support for bulk distribution of the Ecover brand

Project management

Co-building your bulk project for your brand

As each project is unique, we define the project management in cooperation with your teams. During the first exchange, we define together the scope of our intervention. The complexity of the project will determine the mandatory steps, we adapt our steps and the order of these steps to your needs. Want to get started? Discover below the possible stages of our support!

Refill of Ecover bulk cleaning products
Jean Bouteille has developed a bulk distribution solution for L'Occitane cosmetics
Bulk distribution of the Ecover brand accompanied by Jean Bouteille

The steps

1- Discovering your needs together

This first step allows us to know your expectations on bulk distribution, your market, the equipment compatibility and the potential development needs. We take the time to discuss your request in two stages, in order to analyse it and come back to you with an answer on the feasibility and the necessary steps for a successful outcome. 


Deliverable A project management proposal based on your expectations

Step 1 Bulk for Brands project

2- Testing your products in bulk format

At this stage we will qualify the needs according to your products. We help you to switch to the bag-in-box format and test your products in order to measure the feasibility and quality of the service via our different bulk distributors. This step is very important to define the specific developments to be planned according to the viscosity of your product and the family of secondary and primary containers. 


Deliverable Report on the analysis of the service performance tests (speed, loss etc)

Step 2 Bulk for Brands project

3- Framing your project in terms of product performance

Proposal of a specification including the design and project management phases. This stage is important for organising the rest of the project. We will bring our expert view and already integrate all the technical issues.


Deliverable : Quotation for the development of the first prototype and its retroplanning

Step 2 Bulk for Brands project

4- Design of a prototype bulk dispenser

Our design office will create your first prototype including the development of the required functionalities, the signage and all the elements validated during the specification phase. During the prototyping phase we set up a weekly follow-up to keep you informed of the project's progress. 

Deliverable : Production of the first prototype

Step 4 Bulk for Brands project

5- Testing your prototype in real conditions

We deliver your first prototype to your premises or to a pilot outlet. This stage allows you to validate the concept and make any necessary improvements before you roll out to several outlets. 


Deliverable : File of analysis and points for improvement

Step 5 Bulk for Brands project

6- Framing the deployment of your project

We help you to deploy your bulk installation in the number of shops and countries you want. At this stage, we decide on the retroplanning, the installation documents for the operators, and the training to ensure the best possible implementation according to your project. 


Deliverable : Deployment booklet

Step 6 Bulk for Brands project

7- Setting up your points of sale and follow-up

We carry out the complete installation, as well as the training of your teams in the handling of the dispensers. We remain in contact with your teams in order to carry out the various corrective maintenance and analyses necessary for the sustainability of the project.


Deliverable Feedback and end-of-course assessment


Our Bulk for Brands service has accompanied Mustela towards bulk