Reuse of beer bottles thanks to Jean Bouteille

Beer in bulk

Reuse at aperitif time!

Stubbornly determined to go ever further in our quest for zero waste, Jean Bouteille is now also inviting us to the aperitif ! Every week, 39 million aperitifs are organised in France, 11% of which are with beer: a real tradition for the French, but it is also thousands of bottles of beer that end up in the bin at the end of this convivial moment. So much energy and resources used for bottles that could have been reused! However, the reuse of beer bottles is perfectly possible and some breweries have already been returning their bottles for a long time.

A Jean Bouteille filled with draught beer for a responsible and zero waste aperitif

History & innovations: aiming for zero waste beer!

Since the appearance of craft breweries in the United States, the growler has also made its appearance and is now developing more and more in France. It allows you to take draft beer home. Surely one of the greatest dreams of any beer lover!

Committed to the circular economy, our team capitalised on our experience with zero waste to rethink the brewing container circuit as well. We wanted to broaden our positive impact and meet consumer expectations with new solutions for distributing fresh draught beer in growlers


February 2019

Launch of our crowdfunding campaign for our solution Oublong!

Our R&D teams have been working on the subject for more than a year to make it possible to serve draft beer in bulk in a fun, controlled and secure way. The solution is unveiled during our crowdfunding campaign. It is finally possible to drink without generating waste, thanks to our bulk beer dispenser combined with our Jean Bouteilles adapted to reuse and deposit.
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Awarded the French National Design Prize

Our Oublong bulk beer fountain has been awarded the French National Design Prize by L'Observeur du design, for its functionality and its neat style!

End of 2019
May 2020

Development of the Mini-station and launch of the "Save the Beer" mobilisation

During the confinement, the entire Jean Bouteille team invested its energy in the creation of a bulk beer fountain designed especially for bars and brewers: the mini-station to allow them to make take-away sales by becoming a bottler, on the growler principle.
Our first edition

2nd edition of "Save the beer".

We are re-launching the mobilisation during the second lockdown in order to face again the calls for help from bars, brewers and microbrewers! The aim? To allow them to maintain their activity thanks to the sale of draught beer.
Second edition

November 2020
March 2021

Solidarity destocking operation in Lille

Following the 6-month closure imposed on bars, many kegs of beer have seen their due dates exceeded but the quality unchanged. We accompanied La Mousse Touch' in their operation to save these beers thanks to the mini-station and the Jean Bouteille growlers, with such success that the operation was multiplied in several establishments in Lille!
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They tell you: a beer to go

Mathieu from La Mousse Touch' offers draft beer in returnable bottles at the mini station

🎙La Mousse Touch' in Lille


"For several months now, we have been offering growlers, those famous 0-waste returnable bottles that we generously fill with beer thanks to the growler station @jeanbouteille! And your feedback is great! 😁 

The mini station and growlers are one of our the most beautiful discoveries this year! 🔥

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Video demonstration of the station at Growlers Jean Bouteille

🎙50°Nord brewery in Douai



"At the brewery, we like to be on the cutting edge! 😃 So here is our latest equipment just installed: the growler from @jeanbouteille, a company from Lille...  Thanks to its technology, the growler keeps the taste and bubbles of your beer!" 🔥

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The Baragouin experience with the Jean Bouteille mini station



"We have an anti-waste, zero waste and solidarity solution: bulk beer!
The Jean Bouteille mini-station allows us to offer our customers a quality draught beer to take home. We regularly vary the beers available at the growler (that's its little name when you have American class) 🍺. "


Video demonstration