Bulk sales: recommendations and follow-up

Bulk sales continue to grow. The ecological stakes have never been as present as at the end of this year: COP 26, opposition to Black Friday, progressive launch of the presidential campaign, mobilisation of the bulk sector... According to the latest study of the YOUGOV institute:

  • More than 4 out of 10 French people have already bought in bulk(41%)
  • For bulk products, consumers mainly turn to supermarkets(57%) and organic shops(43%)
  • 63% of French people would like to be able to buy in bulk the big brand products they usually buy in packaging

Today, we support more than 1000 partner out lets for their bulk liquid departments. However, being an expert cannot be improvised: as bulk is a new way of consumption for many people, this department requires a special follow-up. We offer our help to our customers once they are installed.

Jean Bouteille accompanies Biocoop les temps bio Vitrolles for its bulk liquid section
Biocoop Les Temps bio Vitrolles

The know-how of our After Sales Service

After installation, you benefit from a tailor-made follow-up and a privileged relationship with your sales representative to boost the department and adjust your offer .

Not only that, but our after-sales service is available and trained to help you maintain and ensure the proper functioning of your bulk water coolers. We have a network of technicians throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Our Jean Bouteille after-sales team is available to help customers manage their bulk shelves

Our free services for our partners

Our after-sales team is available 5 days a week on 09 86 21 95 05 or at sav@jeanbouteille.fr. In the event of a problem, they are at your disposal for a diagnosis by telephone or video.

We also provide our customers with a toolbox on our order site to facilitate your daily life and the handling of the department: you will find notices, communication kits, posters, regulatory documentation as well as access to video training with our after-sales tutorial channel.


Access to the toolbox

Discover our Jean Bouteille toolbox to help you manage your bulk shelves

To go further: a maintenance contract to manage your bulk department with complete peace of mind

A well-maintained equipment is essential to ensure a quality service to your customers and the durability of your equipment. For this reason, we offer several maintenance contracts adapted to the bulk solutions chosen, with extended parts warranties and out-of-contract interventions.



Testimonials: They trust our after-sales service

Atelier Colette has subscribed to the Jean Bouteille maintenance contract



"Yes, I am very satisfied with the follow-up and maintenance contract, I have renewed for another year. For the moment, there has been no need yet, the first year, everything went well. The first year, everything went well. By telephone, the team helped me to solve a pressure problem. On another occasion, I needed to change a part, the team came and intervened quickly. I recommend this follow-up, I think it can be useful for ambulant people because we are on the road and we move the fountains on a daily basis on the road."


Charlotte, founder of the travelling grocery shop Atelier Colette


Au jardin d'alice biomonde has subscribed to the Jean Bouteille maintenance contract




"I am very satisfied with your follow-up and maintenance contract. It makes it easy, because we have a lot of other things to deal with when we are in the shop. We have used it several times. It's smooth and managed quite efficiently: as soon as there is a problem, the team intervenes. I would recommend this follow-up for the simplicity it brings to our daily lives."


Jeremie and Jessica Bodin, managers ofAu Jardin d'Alice Biomonde

Jean Bouteille partner of Bio-Golfe de Theix for its bulk section



"We are very satisfied with the follow-up and the maintenance contract. I give you an average mark of 9/10 or even 10/10 sometimes! 😉 The team is always very reactive and pleasant. We often contact the after sales service directly. If not, they call us back within an hour or half a day. The after-sales team knows the products well. They are patient and informative. I have called your service regularly, especially for the forgetting: 1 or 2 more points of improvement and it will be perfect. We have been subscribing to the oublong for 3 years and the other bulk fountains for 4 or 5 years. Continue to develop simple, intuitive, low tech and low ecological footprint equipment. I know that you are working on this every day. We like to work with human-sized companies!


Xavier Urien from the Biogolfe Theix team (Biocoop)

Portrait of Adrien, customer satisfaction officer at Jean Bouteille

What is the service at Jean Bouteille?

Adrien Lopes: "Above all, it's a great team, dedicated to its clients! We accompany each client who wishes it, and in several possible ways:

  • After-sales contracts, to facilitate the maintenance and sustainability of equipment, 
  • the free hotline, which answers questions from in-store teams and helps them out if necessary, 
  • interventions if necessary

The Jean Bouteille service also means supporting shops that need to develop their bulk liquid offer. Whether by adding new products or renewing their equipment

We have also set up a toolbox, with video tutorials to help our customers to have the right reflexes. It's also a tool that's permanently available and easily accessible for the teams in shops!"

Adrien Lopes in charge of customer satisfaction at Jean Bouteille

What do you like about your assignments?

Adrien Lopes: "What I like most about my daily work is that no twodays are alike. Each situation, each customer has its own particularities, its own way of working and its own needs. This forces us to remain flexible and to adapt as much as possible to the needs of the shops. During follow-up calls, this also allows us toidentify areas for improvement, new products to be tested in bulk, and to be able to exchange ideas internally to perfect our solutions .

I also particularly like to accompany the shops involved in bulk since the birth of Jean Bouteille. Listening to and following these shops that have been actors in the emergence of this mode of consumption is very important to continue to develop the bulk liquid offer. I am grateful to these shops that continue to move forward with us by renewing their Jean Bouteille solutions. "


What motivates you in your job?

Adrien Lopes: "First of all, it's about advancing bulk packaging to go a little further each day in the zero waste approach and to get as many people as possible on board. To make my small contribution to prevent bottles from being abandoned in our countryside or our oceans, they are much better off in our homes.

On a day-to-day basis, it also meanssupporting Jean Bouteille's customers. It is important to help our partners to maintain their solutions in the best possible way in order to perpetuate them.

Jean Bouteille has also evolved a lot, our solutions are simplifying and adapting to the needs of consumers. Being able to share this with each of our partner shops is essential!"