Support for bulk distribution of the Ecover brand

Bulk for brands

Working with your brand towards bulk

At Jean Bouteille, we believe that in order to make changes in the French people's consumption, it is necessary for bulk to be everywhere so that reuse becomes a habit. The expectations of the French are strong on the subject, "63% of French people want bulk brands and 36% would be willing to travel to a shop further away to find them!*". Bulk for brands was born with this ambition: to guide all brands towards bulk distribution of their liquids to create together this new standard of consumption.

*Source: Yougov France November 2021 / 1007 respondents


Pierre Fabre se lance dans le vrac grâce à Jean Bouteille

The big brands are entering the bulk market, such as L'Occitane en Provence
Bulk sales of branded products: the case of ECOVER
Our bulk for brands service accompanied the mustela brand towards bulk
New L'Occitane en Provence bulk fountains designed with Bulk for Brands service by Jean Bouteille
Bulk distribution of the Ecover brand accompanied by Jean Bouteille
Mustela bulk refill station designed by Jean Bouteille's Bulk for Brands service
Consumer brands are moving to bulk, the example of ECOVER

Pierre Fabre se lance dans le vrac grâce à Jean Bouteille

Our "Bulk for Brands" business unit

Our team was created in September 2020, in order to support you in the development of bulk distribution for your brand. Bulk for Brands benefits from the 7 years of experience of the Jean Bouteille company on the liquid bulk market, so we develop with you and design solutions adapted to all types of brands and nature of products: cosmetics, food products, detergents etc. The team involves different departments to meet all the possible needs of a project: 

  • Design, prototyping, research and development 
  • Development and analysis of different customer journeys for bulk 
  • Creation of your Bag in Box products thanks to our network of experts
  • Tests and analyses according to the nature of your products: fresh, ambient, pasty, viscous, in order to find the most effective and appropriate solution 
  • Helping you meet legal requirements
  • Merchandising, marketing and communication around bulk 

We create your project with you and adapt to your teams and service providers in order to carry out the project in cooperation.


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Our team accompanied the L'Occitane en provence team in their bulk project

They trust us!

The L'Occitane team stands in front of the new bulk dispenser designed by Jean Bouteille.

L'Occitane en Provence deploys bulk in its outlets

We supported L'Occitane in the development of bulk distribution of their products. This involved advising on the implementation of 10L Bag In Box bulk containers as well as the creation of distribution solutions for their network of shops. The designed dispenser has 5 fountains of bulk cosmetics: shower gel, hand soap, cleansing oil, shampoo and conditioner. This dispenser is scalable and adapts to the brand's containers. The consumer thus benefits from an alternative to pre-packaged products thanks to the refill of their bottles, in 25 countries, with 60 dispensers representing 300 product fountains. Our ambition is to continue developing our partnership in new countries by 2022.


Features realized for L'Occitane : 

  • Integration of their merchandising
  • Integration of an autonomous sterilisation module in collaboration with Claranor
  • Creation of a multilingual label printing module 
  • Creation of labels according to country legislation


"Partnership, that's really the word, because we trusted each other, it's a marriage since 2020 that lasted 1 year, we made regular catch ups. .

It was really a co-construction, everyone came up with good ideas and constraints and everyone was able to take them into account. The simplicity of the technology, the robustness is reassuring. Jean Bouteille's flexibility to adapt is the key: You have a start-up mentality with agility to the end!"

Corinne.FUGIER-GARREL, Packaging Concept Development at L'Occitane en Provence


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Bulk project carried out for the ECOVER brand which is launching bulk sales thanks to the support of Bulk For Brands

Ecover offers bulk detergent products

Ecover is launching bulk sales with us, thanks to the development of a solution that can be integrated directly on the shelves. Currently present in 3 countries, the brand's ambition is to deploy in 2 new countries by the end of 2021 thanks to bulk sales. The solution designed makes it possible to distribute fabric softener, washing powder, washing-up liquid and multi-purpose products.


Features realized for Ecover :

  • Testing of several prototypes; shelving and shelf integration
  • Development of specific bottle hangers
  • Creation of the consumer interface in several languages
  • Creation of customised labels


"Consumers are fans of refilling. Your solution has the potential to become the standard for all bulk liquid distribution. Your system is really flexible for shelf placement.

You still have the spirit of a start-up but at the same time you offer a truly professional solution. This combination can work for everyone and will undoubtedly make your business soar in the years to come.

A big thank you to the whole team for the great adventure we had together! “

Tom Domen, Responsible for innovation - long-term innovation at Ecover




The Mustela brand offers its gentle cleansing gel and its organic cleansing gel for babies in pharmacies

Bulk also arrives in pharmacies thanks to our

solution developed for Mustela

Our Bulk for Brands team worked in record time on the possibility of serving two of their products in bulk: the gentle cleansing gel & the organic baby cleansing gel. After a successful trial, 21 pharmacies will offer our zero waste refill solution in France .


The bottle is called Reviens! Consumers can buy their container once and then come back with it as many times as they want, to refill it and avoid packaging waste each time.


Features realized for Mustela :

  • The challenge was threefold: new environment, new types of products, new distribution channel : our team was able to propose a suitable alternative to disposable bottles for Mustela products offered in pharmacies.
  • From a technological point of view, the solution deployed is innovative. We have developed a new service mode for the brand: automatic dose service! This means that the filling is fully automated, the customer only has to choose the desired dose on the screen.


"This was a logical continuation of our actions. Finally, this project was an integral part of our reflection on how to reduce our waste production. It was a way to go further and rethink our use of packaging.

There has been a great response from pharmacies who are very happy to offer this. The parents were also very enthusiastic to be able to 'finally' find this type of alternative for their babies."

Mathilde de Montgolfier, Open Innovation Manager at Mustela


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Demonstration of the bulk liquid dispenser at the Peigne Vert designed by Jean Bouteille's Bulk for Brands department

Zero waste is coming to your hairdressing salon!

This initiative was the logical continuation of Le Peigne Vert concept, which aims to "change the codes of hairdressing by proposing products that are as French, local and respectful of health and the environment as possible, while promoting the reduction of impact on all levels".

Le Peigne Vert goes one step further by offering their customers the opportunity to refill their flagship lemon shampoo formula using the bulk fountain designed by our department.

The goal? To offer 5 references of their own brand in bulk by the end of 2022 thanks to our EASY Jean Bouteille system.

"The support was top notch! Nothing to say, you were able to offer us the right solution that could be deployed quickly."

Marine Duchêne, founder of Le Peigne Vert


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